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A Stage Interview with Guitarist Hector Pimentel:  Musical Variety the Spice of Pimentel’s Work

“It’s ‘nuevo flamenco,’” says Hector Pimentel about his music, though he doesn’t limit himself to one style. "I do a variety of music, from classical to popular music to romantic Mexican music as well as flamenco.

"The audience doesn’t want to hear just one particular style of music," he continued. "We even do some jazz in the show, a fusion thing. If you don’t…the audience gets bored."

Pimentel is very tuned in to his audiences, and, as such, does not pre-announce a formal concert program. "I do things that I think the audience is going to like, and I view the audience’s reaction, their enthusiasm for the music, and I then have the option to go different directions with my music based on that. Great artists don’t limit themselves unless it’s classical…straight classical."

…Would he encourage his children to pursue careers in music? "Oh, absolutely," he responded. "But you have to understand that classical music in general is not that popular. Traditional flamenco is not that popular. But if you play a variety of converging music, then you’re going to have a great audience every time…"

Pimentel’s concert appearances have taken him around the U.S., and the world, opening for Jose Feliciano and Rita Moreno and playing to an audience of 30,000 in Japan last year.

—excerpted from Stage magazine, Winter 1999-2000, published by the Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts, Ruidoso, N.M.

Copyright © 2003, Hector Pimentel Music Guitarist.