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Hector Pimentel’s Professional Memberships

A variety of articles have quoted Hector Pimentel. Here’s a few of Hector’s thoughts about being a performer, artist and musician.

  • "We are trying to promote more interest in the guitar."
  • "Professionals need and deserve the finest guitars to enhance their techniques."
  • "My brothers and my father make guitars for the world. I'm making music my business – literally and artistically."
  • "There is a Pimentel phenomenon, composed of family strength and support, which I know I can always count on."
  • "I learned to be sensitive to others’ feelings – a crucial factor in all my work."
  • "Teaching doesn't sound as glamorous as performing, and it doesn't have the same glittering image. But helping students is one of the great satisfactions of my life."
  • "I don't try to create Hector Pimentel clones; I like to think I teach from the heart, not for the ego."
  • "I want to see Albuquerque become a world-class guitar community."
  • "The guitar is a beautiful instrument, but it's also a very valuable one to carry on our musical heritage."
  • Pimentel remembers meeting Andres Segovia, the Spanish classical guitarist, at Popejoy Hall. "He told me to continue playing, He encouraged me."
  • Pimentel has not accepted a recording contract offered by RCA records. "Maybe later; I enjoy New Mexico."
  • "The sound of the guitar is as beautiful and as rare as the guitar itself."

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