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Meet Hector Pimentel

As New Mexico’s foremost classical guitarist, Hector Pimentel extends on a rich cultural and artistic heritage. His life’s dream of performing and moving people emotionally is reflected in the heart he puts into his music—and by the audiences who love him in concert halls and theaters across the world.

A lifelong resident of New Mexico, Hector is of Portuguese and Mexican descent. His endless study and thrive for perfection range from the time he held his first guitar at age 8 to his first recital at age 12 to his daily performances. The eldest of 12 children, Hector was born into a family renowned for its hand-crafted guitars. "From as far back as I can remember, I was surrounded by the wonder of guitars and guitar music and before long I had made a commitment to learn everything about being a guitarist, a virtuoso guitarist," says Hector.

Hector says his style combines the famed Andres Segovia’s strength and love with the smooth flowing style of Chet Atkins. "Actually, I combined their techniques with my own, as I kept striving for perfection and more perfection."

Along with standing out as a legendary solo performer, Hector is lead guitarist in his band Leyenda. The ensemble produces a hot sound mix of nuevo flamenco rhythms and sharply stenciled bass, a combination with undeniable audience appeal.

The numerous awards Hector has received don’t compare to his love of performing.

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