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Hector Pimentel Discography

Instrumental Guitar Music
Hector Pimentel produced his first recording in 1992. The recordings that followed are available worldwide.

Spontaneous Exchange, 1992

  • Nuevo Flamenco styles
  • Group performance
  • Mic-Line music award, Malaguena en Fuego

Passionate Heart, 1993

  • Classical renditions of hit songs from the 50s and 70s

Infania, 1995

  • Nuevo Flamenco, World style music
  • Group Performance
  • Mic-Line music awards, Infania and Malaguena en Fuego

Masterpiece "Alma Latina," 1998

  • Popular styles
  • Solo and Group Performance
  • Recently released, music award nomination
  • Three-star Review Below

Masterpiece "Alma Latina," reviewed in the Albuquerque Journal (July 24, 1998)

This is music to dream by, to relax by. Itís music to rock your baby by.

So itís an expansion project, a whole new bag, for the popular Albuquerque ensemble of Hector Pimentel and Leyenda.

The instrumental recording has a few familiar boleros like "Sabor a Mi" and "Solamente Una Vez," which are reminiscent of the Edie Gorme-Trio Los Panchos stylings.

But itís also brimming with other non-Latin sentimental standards, like "My Way," "Music of the Night," "If I Were a Rich Man," and concludes with "What a Wonderful World."

As a result, the album title, which translates to "Latin Soul," is a little misleading. Regardless, the reward is in the listening.
— David Steinberg

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