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Mr. Guitar: Hector Pimentel Extends his Renowned Family Tradition Through Stunning Performance

For Hector Pimentel, the guitar has been central to his very existence for as long as he can remember. One could say he was born to the instrument. He is of the same Pimentel clan whose name is associated with some of the finest hand-crafted classical guitars in the world.

The eldest of 12 children, Hector Pimentel cradled his first guitar at eight and performed his first recital four years later, at the ripe old age of 12. "From as far back as I can remember, I was surrounded by the wonder of guitar and guitar music," he says. "And before long, I had made a commitment to learn everything about being a guitarist. A virtuoso guitarist." And the success of his grand endeavor can be measured by the international audience acclaim that follows him wherever he goes. In New Mexico, Pimentel is known simply as "Mr. Guitar."

ÖBoth as a solo artist and bandleader, Pimentel preserves the rich flamenco tradition while coloring his compositions by drawing on contemporary influences. And he plays classical, flamenco and modern variations with equal passion and precision. With his band, Leyenda, Pimentel is able to reach higher musical ground, accentuating his arrangements with carefully placed percussion, electric bass and a second classical guitar. On their latest record, Masterpiece Alma Latina, as with their previous albums, Pimentel fuses classical and flamenco roots to a decidedly Southwestern aesthetic, affording the music a timeless, enchanting quality reserved only for music created by artists whose lives are committed wholly to their craft.

"I donít deny a personal obsession with music for the guitar," he says. "I make time to hear and find much to admire in music produced by great musicians." And for that, Hector Pimentel neednít look any further than himself.

—excerpted from an article by Michael Henningsen, Weekly Alibi,
February 4 -10, 1999

Copyright © 2003, Hector Pimentel Music Guitarist.